Immigration AIDE for Windows and Linux
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Forms Processing Software For The 21st Century.

Immigration AIDE is complete immigration processing software. It is simply:
  • the most labor-saving forms processing system,
  • has the most powerful case management, and
  • the best customer support in the industry.

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Now available in an even more user-friendly Windows version for use with XP, Vista or Linux.

If you want productivity, AIDE is your choice.
  • Enter Data ONCE; have It Used Wherever Needed

  • New & Revised CIS, State and Labor Dept. Forms Updated Immediately

  • Unique Productivity Features
  • Automated Change of Address: enter new address once; have it
    inserted everywhere
  • Automatically produced, standardized addenda
  • Template feature: use data from one record to complete another.
  • Create your own table of standard job descriptions to use anywhere.

  • Customizable Case Management System

  • Best technical support available - in business since 1987

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